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The most common questions we get about the Lake Valley community website are “is it an official site”, “does it have anything to do withe HOA” and “who can join?”

We’ll answer each one of those questions but it will help if we start by sharing why we built the site.

We built the website to create a private and secure space for the community to share everything you need to know about owning or renting a home and living in Lake Valley.

The resident’s area is free and open to verified Lake Valley residents, as well as approved friends, families and local businesses.

Is the website an official site?

The website is not an official site. It doesn’t represent any official bodies like the HOA or golf club. It is simply a resource site for all Lake Valley residents. Membership is voluntary.

Does the site have anything to do with the HOA?

No, the website is not affiliated with the HOA. The HOA has its own site. Our community site wasn’t created to compete or replace any existing site. We’re more than happy to share any public information that the HOA would like to share with all residents. 

Who can join the site?

Membership is free and open to Lake Valley residents, friends, family and local business owners.

We created a membership area to maintain privacy and limit outside spam. The member area is built as a homeowner resource center that shares everything you need to know about living in Lake Valley, including buying, selling, renting and owning a home. It has a real estate and lifestyle theme.

Inside the portal we’ll share access to essential resources and information about the real estate market, real estate taxes, laws and regulations that impact home values and how to get the most out of life in Lake Valley.

Become a Lake Valley Insider and join the Lake Valley Community.

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Ross Hair is a real estate agent and the Broker / Owner of Boco Realty LLC.

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