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Lake Valley Schools

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About Lake Valley Schools Lake Valley is a rural community with a slightly complicated school situation. Do you drive your children to school in nearby Boulder or Niwot or do you use the official feeder system and bus into Longmont? In this post we’ll focus on the official Lake Valley feeder schools. Geographically, Lake Valley […]

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Profile of Niwot High School

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Niwot High School is a popular local high school choice for Lake Valley students. The school is not the official feeder high school and admission is through open enrollment and transportation is not provided by the school district. To help you get a feel for Niwot High School, here’s a profile (as it appears on […]

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The Niwot Loop | Niwot Trails

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Lake Valley has its own amazing trail system but if you’re ever hanging out in Niwot you should take a walk on the Niwot Loop trail, especially the eastern section that looks back over the Continental Divide. The view as you approach the water tower is spectacular. We recommend that you park at the high […]

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Niwot Children’s Park

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For a change of scenery with the kids you can head over to Niwot and hang out at the Niwot Children’s Park. Grab a coffee at the Old Oak coffee shop and then let the kids run around at one of the best local children’s parks. The Niwot Children’s Park opened in 2016. Led by a […]

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Qualifying for a Home Loan in Lake Valley?

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Is there anything unusual I need to know about qualifying for a home loan in Lake Valley? If you’re thinking about buying a home in Lake Valley it makes sense to check if Lake Valley has any special mortgage rules? The short answer is “not really.” The longer and more complicated answer is that lenders […]

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Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

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The Home Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction: The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made a number of changes to the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction allowed by the IRS. This has a direct impact on one of the primary financial advantages of owning a home, namely that you receive a tax deduction for mortgage interest that […]

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The Best Things To Do In Niwot

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Everyone loves living in Lake Valley.  The only limitation is that’s a small community with a limited number of things to do outside of playing golf and walking the trails. That’s why it’s important to discover and explore some of the best things to do in neighboring towns. Let’s start with Niwot.  Niwot enjoys the […]

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Become A Lake Valley Insider

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The most common questions we get about the Lake Valley community website are “is it an official site”, “does it have anything to do withe HOA” and “who can join?” We’ll answer each one of those questions but it will help if we start by sharing why we built the site. We built the website […]

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