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Lake Valley Schools

Public Schools

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About Lake Valley Schools

Lake Valley is a rural community with a slightly complicated school situation. Do you drive your children to school in nearby Boulder or Niwot or do you use the official feeder system and bus into Longmont?

In this post we’ll focus on the official Lake Valley feeder schools.

Geographically, Lake Valley is located in the St. Vrain Valley School District and there are no schools located within the community. Lake Valley’s official feeder schools are located in nearby Longmont.

In Colorado, there are several types of public schools, including District, Charter, Magnet, Innovations and Online schools. Most students attend district run schools whereby the state is divided into school districts and feeder schools for each district are identified by hyper-local geographic area.

It is preferred that students attend a local feeder or boundary school, but not required, as the Public Schools of Choice law allows resident pupils to enroll at schools in Colorado school districts for which they are not zoned.

This is known as open enrollment and it’s a relatively painless process to open enroll your child in a non-feeder school within your school district or another school district.

Each school district has its own open enrollment process and policy.

Issues can arise when there is over subscription to a school, especially a highly rated school, that doesn’t have the capacity to accept all open enrollment students. Each district has its own policy for determining admission and many of the most popular schools operate waitlists for open enrollment students.

Each district also has its own bussing and transportation policy and will generally only provide bus transportation to feeder schools through middle school.

Public education is free for all students, including students who attend non-feeder schools.

St. Vrain Valley School District

The St. Vrain Valley School District is headquartered in Longmont and is responsible for the operation of 51 schools with just over 32,000 students.

Overall the district is given an average rating by Great Schools.

Lake Valley Feeder Schools

Lake Valley is located within the St. Vrain Valley School District and has three designated feeder schools:

Elementary: Blue Mountain

Middle: Altona

High: Silver Creek

By right, you can send your children to a feeder school (unless specifically disqualified by the school).

2020 School Ratings

Great Schools provides information and a school rating system for all Colorado schools. Use the rating as a starting point for your own investigation into each school. Make sure you speak with other parents and tour each school.

Elementary: Blue Mountain: 8

Middle: Altona; 8

High: Silver Creek: Not Rated

Without looking at ratings, the general feeling is that all three schools are above average public schools. Altona Middle School in particular is recognized for academic excellence.

School Resources

Here are a number of resources that will help you consider your school options and connect with the district and feeder schools.

St. Vrain Valley School District –

Blue Mountain Elementary School –

Altona Middle School –

Silver Creek High School –

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